• BURRINHO' is a game suitable for people of different ages;;
  • Develops logical reasoning and aids memory;;
  • It can be played offline and will soon be available online where you can play with facebook friends.;
  • The goal of the game is to form words as quickly as possible, with each player writing only one letter at a time in each cycle, until completing the desired word.

Game rules

The game starts after selecting the game mode (Single Player or Multiplayer), and the dictionary (fruits, countries, animals, etc.):

The first player thinks (without ever speaking) of a name, according to the chosen dictionary, and writes the first letter;

The next player, looking at the letter, also thinks of a fruit that begins with the letter entered by the previous player, and without saying anything, inserts the letter he thought;

Note: obviously, each player thinks of fruit, according to the letters displayed on the screen.
They may think of the same or different fruits as the game progresses.Players will complete the word letter by letter until they have completed a valid word in the fruit dictionary. “Grape”, for example.

If a player is unsure, he can press the question mark button. So:

Single_Player: the word that the computer was trying to complete will appear, and the player will take one of the letters of the word 'BURRINHO'.

Multi_Player: a window will be opened for the last player to complete the word he was trying to write. If the word is in the dictionary, the player who interrogated will take one of the letters from the word 'BURRINHO'. If the word is not in the dictionary, the player questioned will take one of the letters of the word 'BURRINHO'.

If the word is complete, the system informs and resumes the move;

It is not allowed to erase a letter already entered;;

A letter of the word 'BURRINHO' is assigned to the player who allows his time to run out;

The player is eliminated when all the letters of the word 'BURRINHO' are assigned;

To find out whose turn it is to play, pay attention to the flashing avatar;

The game is over when all players (except 1) have the word 'BURRINHO' in front of their name;

There are some aids available during the game;